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This page contains all the documents available on this site. You may need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader 6 to view some documents. If you do not already have it installed on your computer click here to install it or update your current version for free. The larger the file the longer it may take to load especially on slower internet connections.

Accident Report as prepared by West Side Police Department (1.24 MB)

West Side Police gave Atty. Dumphy on behalf of Mrs. Pecor - Note inconsistencies (32 KB)

Article in the West Springfield Record May 15, 2003 - a cruiser appears more important than a young     man. (100 KB)

Letter to Captain Campurciani - July 6, 2003 (181 KB)

Letter to Captain Campurciani - July 23, 2003 (82 KB)

Impact statement read in court by Mrs. Pecor at the hearing for the traffic citation that Mr. Martinez had     received. He already had his driving privileges reinstated by this time. (99 KB)

Letter to Mayor Gibson - July 31,2003 (31 KB)

Letter to Atty. General Tom Reilly - August 10,2003 (26 KB)

Letter to Mayor Gibson - August 11,2003 (33 KB)

Letter to Mayor Gibson - August 18,2003 (224 KB)

Letter to District Attorney Bennett - September 6,2003 (29 KB)

First written response to Mrs. Pecor - Mayor Gibson - September 15, 2003 (57 KB)

Letter to Mayor Gibson - September 21,2003 (79 KB)

Letter to Representative Stephen Buoniconti and other legislators (66 KB)

Letter to Mrs. Pecor from the U.S. Department of Justice apologizing that Kevin was in fact a victim of     vehicular manslaughter, but they could not get involved. (42 KB)

Petition that Mrs. Pecor received over 3000 signatures on and presented to Representative Buoniconti,     Senator Melconian, Mayor Gibson, and District Attorney Bennett. (20 KB)

Invitation to Press Conference - February 18, 2004 (28 KB)

Statement read by Sheila Pecor at the Press Conference on February 24, 2004

Letter to A/DA Safford - March 26, 2004 (69 KB)

June Judges Decision (83 KB)

Press Release - August 6, 2004 (69 KB)

Accident Reconstruction done by Spectrum Engineering - July 29, 2004 (523 KB)


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